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Sunflowers to bring swaths of yellow to Ho Chi Minh City riverbank

Streaks of yellow will paint the Saigon River bank on the Thu Thiem side in Thu Duc City under Ho Chi Minh City as sunflowers will be grown there in the coming days to celebrate the 2024 New Year holiday.

Workers were leveling the surface of the riverbank and removing weeds on Thursday morning to make room for sunflowers.

Curbs were built along the riverbank on the Thu Thiem side, and the workers collected garbage scattered at the place.



A representative of the Thu Duc City People’s Committee said on the same day that the city is speeding up the embellishment for a section of the Saigon River bank stretching from Ong Cay Bridge to Ba Son Bridge.

The project consists of site leveling, kerb construction, lighting installation, and riverside park opening components.

Notably, sunflowers will be planted along the riverbank to make the place impressive.

“As planned, Thu Duc City will house a sunflower field skirting part of the Saigon River to delight residents and tourists during the 2024 Lunar New Year holiday, but we are striving to accelerate the process to create a unique destination on New Year’s Day,” said the official.

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