Bonsai Tours is an Tour Organization coming from a Team of Experienced Members in Tourism and Bonsai Artists.
Mrs Mai Kim Hoanh and her hursband , Mr Dinh Cong Duc are represented for the Company, registered in Vietnam (Bonsaitours) license No 4104008797 dated Mar 23rd, 2009. Our deep passion of Vietnam’s Beauty and Bonsai Art motivates our activity to the open world with the Tours as beautiful as Bonsai.

New letter to value travelers

Việt nam is a beautiful country, attract tourists coming from many places around the world. In Việt Nam, one can enjoy Mekong Delta by boat riding along Tiền and Hậu belong to Mekong river in the sun rise. Pay a visit to the Floating market with different activities on boat.

We also can enjoy the beautiful terrace rice fields in Mai châu, Sapa and enjoy the highest peak Fansipan of North East Asia, 3143 meters above the sea level.

It is also the attractive Ha Noi, heart of Việt Nam and the cultural capital of Vietnam.

Halong Bay is one of the Natural World Heritage of Việt Nam with around 2.000 islands,islets.

The Central part of Việt Nam, dots with the amazing historic monuments from the Empire period of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945.

South Vietnam with Hochiminh City consider as the economic capital of Vietnam after 1975. You will know more about Vietnam especially its development.


In the terrible Pandamic 2020-2022, Việt Nam also was deeply affected about tourist activities. Now we reopen again and hope tourists will enjoy Vietnam with us.




Hoan Kiem Lake (HANOI)


Hoa Lu Ninh Binh




Hoi An

Mekong Delta

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