Công ty TNHH MTV Thanh Nha

Công ty TNHH MTV Thanh Nha

About Us

Have  you  ever  visited Vietnam, the  small  country in South East  Asia?


Bonsai Tours is an Organization coming  from a team of experienced members in Tourism  andBonsai Artists. Mrs Mai Kim Ho Anh and her hursband , Mr Dinh Cong Duc are represented for the company, registered in Vietnam (Bonsaitours) license  No 4104008797 dated  Mar 23rd, 2009.

Our deep passion of  Vietnam’s beauty and bonsai art motivate our activity to the open world with the small tours but as beautiful as Bonsai.

From the passional spirit of Bonsai Artists and Bonsai Lovers  we would like to communicate to Bonsai Artists around the world in order to share  Bonsai experience  and  Bonsai  feeling.

For  futher  understanding not only Vietnam Bonsai,Vietnam Bonsai Artists ,but also Vietnamese beautiful  landscape, Vietnamese hospitable people, I would like to invite you coming to visit Vietnam.

This is also good  for  Vietnam Bonsai Artists to study  and  intergrade to Bonsai in the world ,it will motivate Bonsai  activity  of  Vietnam  to  higher  step.

Travelling is salts to make our life more tasty ,is sugar to make our life more sweet, is spicy to make our life meaningful.

Something else ...

  According to the recent survey  Vietnam is classified the happiest country in Asia? Why ? Bonsai tour will  help you to answer this question. Our Vietnamse people are happy  even still poor, please  come to Vietnam and experience  the real happiness in every simple VietNamese people.

We will give you the best services…


Viet Nam, your destination !

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